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Professional Oboe Reed Three-Pack

$75.00 or $67.50 / month

Three professional-quality handmade oboe reeds at a quantity discount.


This listing is for three professional-quality, handmade oboe reeds (with a quantity discount)!

I aim for each reed to have:
• Easy response.
• Pleasant tone – not dark, but not bright either, will blend well with an ensemble.
• Stable pitch.
• Tuned to A=440, crowing “C” octaves.
• Medium or medium-hard strength, according to your preference – or if you would like a mix of both, just let me know.

I use the following materials:
• Hand-gouged cane, either on an Innoledy or RDG machine.
• Hand-shaped, usually with a Pfeiffer-Mack reproduction tip from Westwind Machining.
• Stevens silver, thinwall, 47mm staples.
• FF nylon thread.

Each reed is sterilized in 70% isopropyl alcohol before mailing.

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Medium Soft, Medium, Medium Hard, Combination

1 review for Professional Oboe Reed Three-Pack

  1. Beverly Maville-Letter

    Jennifer’s reeds are beautiful, hold the pitch and respond perfectly. I used to make reeds but my eyesight prevents me from doing the close work any longer. I feel so lucky to have found her reeds online

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